Picture of President Tanner


Invitation from President Tanner:
"American universities are highly regulated.
They exist in a challenging, rapidly changing legal
compliance environment. This environment, which
is intended to ensure good governance, also
exposes universities, including BYU–Hawaii, to
significant compliance risks. BYU–Hawaii is
committed to good governance and compliance
with the law. We therefore need and require the
assistance of everyone in our ‘ohana' to do their
part. I invite you to learn of the compliance
requirements that are part of your responsibility
and integrate them into your work  assignments.”

Brigham Young University-Hawaii Compliance

BYU-Hawaii instituted its current compliance program in 2006 to create a cohesive compliance effort on campus. The ultimate goal of a compliance program is to prevent violations of the law, or compliance failures, thus preventing ensuing loss or injury to our students, employees, and patrons, and protecting the university from litigation, fines, and negative publicity. The compliance program expresses BYU-Hawaii's commitment to carry out its educational and research activities in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations and with the highest integrity. It aims to not only develop policies and procedures that help ensure compliance, but to help ensure that these policies are documented, communicated, implemented, and enforced.

As a private university, access to the Compliance website is restricted to users who possess BYU-Hawaii net ID, with the exception of the Federal Disclosures page.